What is PMall

Pmall for consumers

Pmall (Pangaea Mall) is a direct to consumer platform (DTC) that allows consumers to purchase goods from anywhere in the world irrespective of where they might live and irrespective of where the merchant is located. We break down the barriers to international commerce making it easy to purchase goods from anywhere on the planet.

Pmall is operated by Pangaea Holdings. We are responsible for some of the largest male grooming brands in the world such as Lumin Skincare and Meridian Grooming selling to customers in over 60 different counties. It is safe to say that we know a thing or two about global commerce.

Pmall for brands

Pmall is operated by Pangaea, we are a team of brand operators with deep experience across brand building, performance marketing, product development, and global expansion. We've scaled our own brands and are excited about helping the next wave of digital consumer entrepreneurs scale their brands internationally.

Pmall is our platform that gives you the brand the ability to scale internationally just like what we have done with our own. We deal with all the complexity of international cross border commerce from tax to fulfilment. Want to scale internationally, drop us an email and one of our experts will reach out to see if we can help.